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4 Reasons You Don't Share Your Faith and 3 Ways to Overcome

4 Reasons You Don't Share Your Faith and 3 Ways to Overcome

Dear sister disciple, 

Why do we hesitate to share our faith? 


This question was addressed during the message this week from Life.Church and it is a question that God has continually placed on my heart. I want to spend some time reflecting this message in this blog post. Senior Pastor Craig summed it up veraciously with these four points: 

4 Reasons You Don't Share Your Faith

We are afraid

For me, this is my number one issue. There have been numerous times when I could have shared Jesus with someone and I haven’t. I was afraid and uncomfortable, but I can honestly say that I was even more uncomfortable that I hadn’t shared Jesus when the moment passed.

As followers of Christ, it is our duty to share the gospel, we are compelled to, and when we do not, I believe it weighs heavily on our hearts. CLICK TO TWEET

I could write an entire blog post dedicated to this topic, but I will save that for another time. 

We do not feel qualified

There are many questions I have been asked as a Jesus follower concerning the Bible and God that I have felt unqualified to answer, and thus, I felt that I was ineffective in sharing the Good News. Questions are asked such as why is there suffering; if God is loving, why do some people go to Hell; how can Jesus be the only way; why does it matter how you live as long as you are sincere? These questions can sometimes leave me at a loss for how to best answer, I don't have as eloquent and compelling answers as C.S. Lewis.

We don’t want to be pushy  

I once went to a Halloween event at a church as was bombarded afterward with questions concerning my eternal status. It was overwhelming, and I felt too backed into a corner to respond with a coherent statement. At this time, I wasn't in a personal relationship with Christ so I understand how one can be put off by a pushy Christian. 

We are complacent

I live in America so I am blessed to have the freedom of religion (Yet one more reason I LOVE the First Amendment!) However, many other countries do not have this freedom to the same extent such as Burma, China, or Iran (Pellot 2014). The majority of people I interact with are Jesus followers, so it is easy to fall into complacency. But let us not forget those who do not know Christ -1 Timothy 2:4 

"who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth. This is good and pleases God our Savior," 

After establishing the reasons that many of us hesitate to share our faith, three ways we can begin sharing the love of Jesus were addressed in the message, they include: 

3 Ways to Overcome

You can use what you have  

So what do you have? Like me, you probably won’t have all the answers to tough questions, but you do have something. Maybe you have a group of people you have lunch with regularly, parents you have children playdates with, people you play a sport with, etc.

Use what you have to show God’s love, hope, and share the news of Jesus. CLICK TO TWEET

I have a blog, and I will use this platform to share the Good News. 

You can invite someone to church

When I started attending church regularly, it dramatically changed my life. My relationship with Christ really developed when I began joining others in worship, listening to a weekly message, meeting other believers, and serving on prayer team and in LifeKids each week. I love my church, and so I am inviting all of my readers to Life.Church. Even if you do not live near a Life.Church campus or network church, you can attend at Church Online! Click the link here

It is so simple to invite someone to church. What is the worst they can do or say? Also, I would encourage you to ask more than once, if someone says no, don't let that be the end. The continually invites may annoy them, but it may also show you care, spark their interest, or convince them to go! 

You can share your story  

Any believer in Jesus has a story about how their life was before Christ and how their life changed after they accepted Him as their lord and savior.

Providing a testimony of our lives is one of the simplest ways we can share the Gospel. CLICK TO TWEET

To keep this short and sweet, before my personal relationship with Christ, I was in a dark place where I felt I had no value as a person, this idea affected every area of my life. Now, I know that my true value is who I am in Christ, He created me and died for me. 


A closing verse to ponder: 

- Romans 1:16 

"For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jew first and also the Gentile." 

Yours Truly, LeNae

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Pellot, Brian. January 3, 2014. “The worst countries for religious freedom.” Accessed September 4, 2016. https://www.indexoncensorship.org/2014/01/worst-countries-religious-freedom/

Image - http://freelyphotos.com/praying-together/

Graphic created on Canva

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