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How To Use RSS To Help You Stay Easily Informed and Save Time

How To Use RSS To Help You Stay Easily Informed and Save Time

Do you ever find a blog that you enjoy, read a few posts and never go back because you don't remember the name of the blog or you save it and it gets lost in your favorites list? Do you wish that you syndicate frequently updated online information sources including your favorite blogs? 

Okay, so you can by using an RSS reader, and I know, I know, many of you already know what this is, so go ahead check out My Favorite Blogs post tomorrow, strike through, I mean the day after tomorrow, to see what RSS Feeds I enjoy. I know that some people do no know what an RSS feed or RSS reader are (including my Nona) and I believe that knowing this information can dramatically change lives and help with information OVERLOAD! 

What is an RSS you may ask? RSS is an acronym for Rich Site Summary,  RDF Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication which really all mean the same thing. And what that same thing indicates is "a format for delivering regularly changing web content" (What is RSS? 2017). Meaning, the really simple syndication of your favorite web content which can be stored and viewed in one place through an RSS Reader. Using an RSS Reader to aggregate RSS Feeds from multiple sites saves you time, helps with organization, and keeps you up-to-date! 

If you do not currently use an RSS Reader and would like too, it is really simple! (Wink wink, hence the name) First, you need to choose an RSS Reader, and there are plenty to choose from, I have used several, and I prefer Feedly and Safari shared links. Click here and here to learn about other RSS Readers so you can pick the one best suited for you. 

So, after you have chosen your RSS Reader, you can begin adding RSS Feeds. There are a few ways you can do this; I am going to be using Feedly for this discussion since that is the RSS Reader I am most familiar with. There are differences across RSS Readers so you may have to do some additional research about the RSS Reader you choose to use.  


At the bottom of most of the posts on the Yours Truly, LeNae Blog, there conveniently is a link to click, the red arrow points to this link in the image above. This link "opens a new page with the blog's RSS Feed. Visitors can copy and paste its URL into any RSS reader." (Squarespace 2017). 

Another way to add RSS Feeds to an RSS Reader is by installing an RSS Reader browser extension. Not all RSS Readers may have a browser extension, however. I use Feedly which does offer a browser extension.


Just click on the RSS icon at the top of your browser and select which category you want to add the Blog too. 

Yet another way is to add an RSS Feed is to click the "+ ADD CONTENT TO YOUR FEEDLY" button at the bottom left of your Feedly interface.  You can choose to add content by entering the source so Feeds by their name, by their URL, by hashtags, or by specific RSS feeds. You can also choose to add content by keyword alerts so using quotes around groups of keywords, using AND and OR Boolean style, using the minus (-) operator to omit keywords, or using site: to search within a site. 


Finally, there are various ways to find and add an RSS Feed to an RSS Reader depending on your operating system and browser. I use Safari for MacOS Sierra, therefore, I have an RSS aggregation feature built directly into my web browser. Below I will link some additional resources on using RSS Readers and RSS Feeds. 

Yours Truly, LeNae

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