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18 Ways for You to Save and Earn Money

18 Ways for You to Save and Earn Money

Earlier this week I posted a list on my favorite blogs that you should follow too, so I decided to post another list. This list is a list of ways to save money and earn extra money. 

First, I think this post can be beneficial for anyone who wants to save money and spend better, I do not have all the answers so let's help each other and leave a comment about how you save and earn extra.

I don't want to be a slave to money or debt, and I doubt that you do either. I try and save where I can and be a wise consumer. There is value in using and saving your money wisely. Thus, I think the following list is practical, helpful and valuable to anyone who feels the same. 

  1. Look at your receipts -  I don't know about you, but I when I typically receive a receipt I throw it into the bottom of my purse. Then I never see it again. But recently I learned something. Did you know that at the bottom of receipts from numerous stores there are surveys? Many of these surveys offer coupons and the chance to when a gift card if you complete them. The surveys aren't usually time-consuming so don't neglect them! You won't even have the opportunity of receiving a coupon or to winning a gift card if you don't enter, or if you throw your receipt into the black holes of your purse, bag, or wallet. 
  2. Check sale ads - So this seems like a no-brainer, right? But how many of you get a sales ad in the mail and just throw it away? A lot of my favorite grocery stores have excellent sales, and I try and wait to buy certain items until they are on sale. For example, at my house, we eat Daiya deliciously dairy-free cheese, and usually, it is relatively expensive for cheese. So I wait to buy it until it is on sale. Sometimes Sprouts has it in the BOGO sale when this happens; we stock up. 
  3. Have yard sales - My great-aunt's yard sales are widely known and renowned. I have made up to $1000 at one of her yard sales. You don't have to be a professional yard seller though to make a profit from having a yard sale. Save items you no longer use, do NOT throw them away. My great-aunt usually has two sales a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Wait until you have a substantial amount of items, and/or ask friends and family to contribute their items too until you have a sale. Whatever you do not sell, keep for the next sale or donate the items. Don't throw things away if they still have use! 
  4. Take items to a resale store - Check your location for consignment or resale stores where you can sell your items. I use Plato's Closet often. If the resale store won't buy your items, keep your items for a yard sale, or donate them! 
  5. Do holiday shopping after the holiday - My family almost always does holiday shopping soon after the holiday. Because someone in our family is usually gone on any particular holiday, we end up celebrating the holiday a few days later. This tip is an excellent way to save money because the discounts are tremendous when buying gifts or holiday themed items. 
  6. Buy generic brands - I almost never buy brand name items if I see a generic brand. Most stores offer generic brands and if you are nervous about trying something new, check the ingredients to see if they are the same. There is no harm in trying, and it definitely saves money to try.  
  7. Donate plasma - My husband donates plasma around twice a week. The time investment isn't too much, around an hour or a bit more. He makes $30 with each donation which we use for gas money. 
  8. Mystery shop - This tip can save you money, earn you money, and fulfill your childhood dream of being a spy. With mystery shopping, you visit a specified location and complete various objectives. You may need to take pictures, ask certain questions, or buy specific items. After your shop, you typically have to answer a questionnaire regarding your experience. Sometimes you receive compensation, or sometimes you just get reimbursed, either way, it is a win-win. Make sure if you choose to become a mystery shopper that you check out the companies that are MSPA - NA members
  9. Use Shopkicks - This app is new to me, and I haven't used it yet, but I have heard great things about it. From what I have gathered from The Balance, the app rewards you in the form of gift cards for walking into a partner store, scanning certain item barcodes, and scanning receipts. Learn more about it here
  10. Try Swagbucks - This is an online reward site which offers members the chance to earn points for gift cards by shopping, watching videos, searching the web and taking surveys. I enjoy Swagbucks because there are many ways to earn points. 
  11. Offer your services - Maybe you love making quilts, baking, or mowing the lawn. Offer your services to others! My husband does graphic design on the side, and I sell library lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
  12. Use RetailMeNot - This coupon company collects coupons from many different stores and restaurants. 
  13. Use Groupon - Groupon connects customers to local commerce. You can get great value on many different services. I love using Groupon for facials, manicures, yoga studio memberships, oil changes. . . There are so many great discoveries when you use Groupon. 
  14. Use Checkout 51 and Ibotta - Both Checkout 51 and Ibotta offer weekly offers on various items. All you have to do is scan item barcodes and receipts, and you earn cash back. 
  15. Use Ebates - Ebates was a recent find, and I am so happy I found it! Use Ebates to find coupons and earn cash back while shopping online. They also offer cash back at for some in-store shopping trips. You can receive your "Big Fat Check" by mail or by PayPal. What is also awesome about Ebates is that you choose to send your "Big Fat Check" to a charity, church, or person of your choice. 
  16. Use Cartwheel - This app is exclusive for Target. The app allows you to search for item discounts. You can look at the items that are discounted or, what I do, you can scan item barcodes to see if they are discounted. What I like about using Cartwheel is that you instantly are rewarded for the discounted items, just scan your Cartwheel barcode when you checkout and see the savings! 
  17. Use the Walmart app - With Savings Catcher you scan your receipt and the app searches for better deals at competitor stores. If the app finds a lower price, you receive the differences into your membership account. You can redeem these savings to make purchases online or in store. 
  18. I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to save. Because who doesn't want to save!? Saving can be a lot of fun I have discovered. You can use many of these tips together and "double dip" your savings as my cousin calls it. 

Yours Truly, LeNae

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