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5 Breakthrough Lessons I Learned From Serving

5 Breakthrough Lessons I Learned From Serving

To my fellow sister in Christ, 

A few days ago I went to have lunch with two of the LifeKids Coordinators. It was a pleasant meal consisting of iced green tea, a French baguette, and a quinoa and beet salad, mmmm. Anyway, back on topic, they asked me a question that I had a simple thoughtless answer too, but that left me thinking about it long after, they asked:

"Why do you serve?" 

I serve on two teams in my Life.Church campus, LifeKids, and Operations. I attended Life.Church for a year and a half before I began serving. During that time, I had the continual and prompting feeling that I should serve. For months I neglected the prompting, making up the excuse that I had too much to do. I decided that I would begin serving when it was summer, and I was no longer working a full-time job. That's the honest truth, and it saddens me; I was making up excuses not to serve even though week after week I felt the calling. 

Summer came, and I began serving, and now several months later, I couldn't imagine not serving! It has dramatically changed my life. Whether you are on the fence about serving, haven't considered serving, or are serving and love it, I think you will benefit from knowing about the five breakthrough lessons I learned from serving. 

There is a need that YOU specifically can fill

Romans 12:6 states that "God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you." The verses after go on to describe other gifts God has given His people.

The point is we ALL have a gift or ability,

 and I truly believe that if we surrender and ask God to show us, He will show us the need that we can fill and the place and people we can serve. 

In my experience, I believe it was intentional that God set me serving the specific age-group of kids at the specific day and time and alongside the specific others I serve with. I can see how this combination of factors creates a positive and energized experience for the kids that we serve each week. 

There is a need that everyone can fill, that you can fill, whether it is giving financially, praying, or something else. As they say at Life.Church

"We are not spiritual consumers; we are spiritual contributors. The Church does not exist for us. We are the Church, and we exist for the world."

I did not fully understand this statement until I began serving. 

A child's faith can inspire and teach YOU

Awe Worship. I could listen to Worship music all the time. Worship is my favorite part of a service. I imagine Heaven as a constant massive Worship concert. Okay, you get it, I love Worship, and I especially love Worship with kids. 

Each week while serving in Life.Kids we turn the music up, turn the lights down, turn the party lights on, and dance and sing with everything we have. I honestly do not have words to describe the emotions I feel when seeing a room full of kids dancing without inhibitions and singing the name of Jesus at the top of their lungs. Two instances consistently cause my eyes to brim with tears; this is one.

Why don't adults Worship like this!?

Also each week, I am astonished at the spiritual insight that kids in first through fourth grade have concerning the heart of God. Some of them just get it, and accept it, no questions no worries, just faith. Finally,

so admirable to me are the caring hearts of children.

When we close our small groups in prayer each week, there is always so many prayer requests and praise reports. Kids want to pray for everyone and everything, and they praise even the smallest things. 

YOUTH are doing mighty things for the Kingdom

I have the humble privilege to serve alongside a few high schoolers in Life.Kids. These high schoolers are rockstars. They are reliable, helpful, and full of energy. I look back on myself as a high schooler, and I know that I wouldn't have chosen to spend my weekends serving. But these youth do, and they do it consistently serving on multiple teams in multiple services. They opt to spend their Wednesday nights at Switch and their weekends continuing to feed themselves spiritually and serve others. They are the future, and the future is bright. I cannot say how I regard them enough. 

God intended US to thrive together

I used to think that it was sufficient to pursue God alone, but I know differently now. Every week I respond to the prayer requests and praise reports of other believers, and I have come to know the power of people coming together in prayer for one another. 

Additionally, baptism is another instance in which I see the power and importance of spiritual community. Baptism weekend at Life.Church is the second instance which always brings on the water works. I love serving as a baptism host. I get to be a part of someone's baptism experience and hear their story. I get to be a companion to someone going through baptism, and I get to celebrate with them as they go public with their faith. When I went through baptism for the second time, I felt so supported by my husband, the others going through baptism too, and by those serving. 

As stated in the Life.Church message Jesus and We, Spiritual Contributors,

"God never meant for the church to be a building. Church isn’t a building. Church is the people."

Serving has helped me realize the truth in this. 

Serving will change YOU

The last breakthrough lesson I learned through serving, and probably the most significant lesson to me personally is that serving will always change the person doing the serving. A work is done in your heart when you serve, and you stop thinking all about "me" and what "I" can receive. This quote by Pastor Craig Groeschel is so true, "When you serve, God changes lives. The first He changes is you." 

Jesus came to serve. How can we love more like Jesus? We can serve one another.


Imagine the world like that described in Acts 4:33-34, how much could be accomplished?! No matter what your spirituality or belief system is, you cannot deny the power of a world in which people give and serve joyfully. And no matter what your spirituality or belief system you can begin serving in your community. There is a need that YOU are meant to fill. There is value in serving. 

I hope you enjoyed and found inspiration from these five breakthrough lessons I learned from serving. Thank you for reading! 

Yours Truly, LeNae

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