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A Successful Bedtime Routine and a Hope-Filled History of Harlem

A Successful Bedtime Routine and a Hope-Filled History of Harlem

If you are following me on Instagram, (and if your not, what are you waiting for?! You can here, let's connect!) you may have seen my post yesterday in which I explained how we finally have a proper bedtime routine down with Zayda. For months my husband Alex and I would have to bring Zayda to bed with us, it wasn't ideal or what we wanted, but it was better than listening to her cry. But we finally found something that works. 

And what works is, we take Zayda into her bedroom, pick out a book, and read it together while sitting in the rocking chair. While doing this, we have the Baby Relax Channel of YouTube playing. After we read the story, we turn off the lights and have cuddle time in the rocking chair for 10-15 minutes. Then, I put Zayda into her crib while awake, say a prayer aloud and leave the room. Usually, she continues to lay down and fall asleep. Sometimes she may fuss as I exit the room, but not usually. Anyway, from time to time, I will review some picture books on the blog and let you know if I recommend them for bedtime stories! I love picture books, and I am happy to have the excuse to read them more! 

Be on the lookout for posts with the tags "bedtime story" and "read aloud." And now, on to the first picture book review! 

Review ~ Harlem
4 of 5 stars 

Myers, Walter Dean. 1997. Harlem. New York: Scholastic Press. 

This single illustrated poem depicts the sights, sounds, and people of Harlem. Though the pangs of enduring discrimination are still present, this vibrant neighborhood is filled with a strong celebratory cultural and artistic presence. 

The book uses vivid and loud images which really extenuate the words of the poem and connect the reader to the deeper meaning of the poetry. The pictures are full of emotion, expression, and draw the reader in involving them in the dynamic main character which is the Harlem neighborhood. The fragmented and pieced together collage of illustrations represents well the people of Harlem, fragmented from past discriminations, piecing themselves back together to create something new and vibrant through their unique culture and cultural identity. Even though the deeper imagery of the words may be difficult for younger children to understand, the captivating pictures are sure to connect children to Harlem's story.

I recommend this book as a bedtime story because even if your children are too young to understand the meaning of the text, they will enjoy the vibrant pictures and the musical phrases. 

Yours Truly, LeNae

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