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The Freeing Joy in Christ and the Liebster Award

The Freeing Joy in Christ and the Liebster Award

Liebster Award

To my valued reader, 

How fast time flies. My daughter Zay is almost two years old and Yours Truly, LeNae is nearly a year old. The blogging experience has completely exceeded any expectation I had. It has been incredibly rewarding. I have met many wonderful women and grown in my relationship with Christ. This blog has given me a voice and been quite healing. 

Recently, I had an honorable surprise! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Julia Amting from The Living Tabernacle. Julia's blog features many inspiring articles reflecting on how we are each Living Tabernacles, "beautiful, loved, and infinitely valuable vessel of Christ." I absolutely implore you to visit her blog here! I am so grateful and thankful to Julia for the nomination. 

Why I Blog

When I began this blog, I didn't necessarily know what my focus or goal for it would be. However, as time went on, God revealed that He had a purpose for this blog. I use this platform to help women suffering and recovering from eating-disorders. I lived as a slave to my eating-disorder for too many years, but when I gave it to Jesus and asked Him to be my all, everything changed. I know the darkness and the lies that the enemy can tell, I know the feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

But I also know the true, pure, loving, hopeful, healing, and unbreakable freeing joy that there is in Christ Jesus.  

As two of my spiritual gifts are helping and exhortation, I also use this platform to encourage women to be tenacious and faith-filled. We must always have our eyes on the prize, and that prize is Jesus.

Because He gave His life for us, the only reasonable response is to be fully devoted to Christ in every area of our lives. 

We are not meant to do this spiritual journey on our own, thus Yours Truly, LeNae is dedicated to being a community. 

Favorite Blog 

Sarah Koontz was one of the first bloggers to reach out to me when I started this adventure. She is kind, beautiful, and full of wisdom. Her blog of the same name is full of articles on inspiration, faith, family, and friendships. 

Sarah's words have a way of making you feel they were written just for you from a close friend. Her articles are very relatable and address topics that matter most to me. She has incredible insight and practical advice. Sarah also has a lovely Bible study on Psalm 119. This Psalm is the longest in the Bible as well as the longest chapter in the Bible. There is so much to digest in Psalm 119, and Sarah breaks it down into manageable bits to help you grasp the full and incredible beauty within. You should absolutely check out her blog here and the Psalm 119 here

When you sign up for Sarah's newsletter, you receive Saturday SOULfood bringing some nourishment and encouragement for your spirit. I look forward to this email each week!

Random Facts 

  • Favorite color is medium turquoise #48d1cc
  • Favorite number is seven
  • Favorite children's book is The Phantom Tollbooth by  Norton Juster
  • Favorite movies are The Fault in Our Stars, Les Misérables, and the live-action 2017 Beauty and the Beast
  • I have been vegan for four years
  • I can play the piano, and in middle school, I played the trombone
  • I taught Jazzercise for three years
  • Favorite Bible verse is 1 Timothy 1:15
  • Favorite Old Testament Bible story is Noah's ark as it reminds me that God keeps His promises and of course, the animals
  • Spiritual temperaments are equally the enthusiast and the naturalist 

My Nominations 

The Liebster Award aims to give excellent new or smaller blogs online exposure. It is so important (and also fun!) for bloggers to connect with others in the blogging community. Thus, each blogger nominated should nominate other bloggers in return. I hope that you my reader, will take some time and visit these other wonderful blogs which I nominate: 

  • Erin Nicholson's Momma's Living Room - Erin offers devotionals and blogs about Christian living, hospitality & homemaking, and parenthood. 
  • Nicky's Sincerely Balanced - Nicky's blog is aimed at helping millennial women with the work/life balance. 
  • Cindy Barnes's Go - Gather - Grow ~ Cindy has an on fire heart for Christ. Her insight into Scripture is profound, and I greatly admire her. She blogs about faith and offers Bible studies. 
  • Bethany Shields's Snapdragon of the Field - Bethany's blog is not only visually stunning but also full of heartening articles on faith, family, food, home, life, and photography.  
  • Vicki Johnson's Grace-Filled Girl - Vicki provides encouraging articles reminding the reader of the overflowing of God's Grace.

Questions for My Nominees

  • What is your favorite Bible verse?
  • Favorite blog article you have written and why? 
  • Favorite children's book?
  • Favorite book?
  • Favorite quiet time spot? 
  • Favorite season? 
  • Coffee or tea? 
  • Dark or milk chocolate? 
  • If you could travel to only one place, where would it be? 
  • When do you find time to blog?
  • What in your life are you most thankful for? 

Official Liebster Award 2017 Rules

What to Do if Nominated for the Liebster Award ~ From The Global Aussie

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award and choose to accept, write an article with the following:

  1. Acknowledge the person and their blog that nominated you and link back.  
  1. Display the 2017 Liebster Award on your blog. 
  1. Write a 150-300 word article about your favorite blog and provide a link. 
  1. List 10 random facts about yourself. 
  1. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs deserving of the award. 
  1. List these rules in your post. 
  1. Inform the bloggers that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award and provide a link for them to your post. 

Final Thoughts

Joy in Christ Jesus

I began blogging for me. Now I blog for you my reader and ultimately, for Christ and His Kingdom. I love writing and getting to know God better through the process, I am grateful for this nomination but it isn't about me, it's all about Jesus. 

So sister, what I would hope and pray for you to remember most is that when you give your life to Jesus, there is freeing joy. No matter what you have done, what has happened to you, no matter anything, there is hope and freeing joy when we lose ourselves and find Him. 

Yours Truly, LeNae

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